Travel Essentials

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Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Nothing is worse than being stuck on a noisy flight, when all you want to do is relax or sleep. I instantly feel better after popping these on, and blasting my trusty thunderstorm sounds album.

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Cuyana Travel Case Set

After years of keeping all of my toiletries in worn old ziplock bags, having a matching set of leather bags really elevates my bathroom storage, and makes packing a breeze.


Away - The Carry On

If you’ve ever spent any time with me, you’ll know that I’m obnoxiously in love with my Away suitcases. I could honestly talk for ages about how great it is. I’ve had mine for nearly 3 years, and despite extensive travel it still looks and works good as new!

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Sony a6300 Mirrorless Camera

Almost all of the photos I take are using this camera body, and a couple other lenses. When I originally bought it, I liked how compact it was compared to my old DSLR.

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Truffle Jestset Case

I recently got the (now discontinued, and almost identical in color to the Cuyana cases) Dusty Blush color of this case, and omg it sparks so much joy every time I go to use it. This case is TSA approved, made of sustainable materials, and has transformed my bottomless work tote into a thing of beauty and organization.

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Aesop Ressurection Hand Balm

A double whammy - hydrates dry tired hands, and magically makes you feel like you’re in a spa (even when you’re actually in a stale/smelly airplane).

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Sony 20mm 2.8 Lens

Just a nice little prime lens that takes great pictures and packs a big punch in a tiny package. Great for carrying around while traveling as it’s both compact and lightweight.

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Truffle Clarity Clutch

I have this in the Dusty Blush color as well, and like the Jetset case, makes organizing my every day work bag, and travel bag an absolute breeze.