Hi, my name is Alli

I live in Seattle, and love it, but am constantly dreaming of and planning where to go next. Whether it’s finding somewhere in Downtown Seattle to go with my dog, Brodie, or across the world on my next great adventure, I live to get out and see something new. I feel antsy if I don’t have a new trip to plan and look forward to.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a desire to know a world different than my own. What started out as a love of books taking place in far flung places, history, and languages, has become an insatiable thirst for experiencing new places and getting to know new people. I also have an insatiable thirst for wine and gin, but that’s something else entirely. 

I work for a big tech company, and love that my job gives me the opportunity to meet people who are from all over the world, coming together for a common purpose. My jobs over the past few years have allowed me to travel quite a bit domestically, and even abroad, too. In addition to business trips, I recently learned to embrace my paid time off with arms wide open after putting off vacations for over three years at a previous company ( 🙈). Now, I can’t seem to stop booking flights (also 🙈). 

I hope to share stories and photos from my travels, and share a little inspiration along the way, too. Cheers!