What I Pack In My Carry On – Business Trip to San Francisco


This week I’m jetting off to San Francisco for a quick work trip. I can’t wait to go meet with co-workers that I hardly ever see, and will be heading straight from the airport to the office as a result. I am super into the idea of bringing only a carry on (or two), in order to decrease the amount of time I have to spend at the airport both before and after my flight. I really don’t have the time to get to the airport early just to check a bag – this time around I’ll have to leave my house at like 5am to drop the pup off at boarding, prior to making my way over to the airport for a 7am flight. Morning struggle, I’ll see you on Thursday.


The Bags

I am in. love. with my AWAY carry on and my Lo. & Sons OG weekender. The combination of the two bags allows me to pack for well over a long weekend, and provides plenty of room for me to tote all my work stuff along with me.


The OG

This would be considered my personal item, though I could probably pack for a three day trip in this bag alone. While it has Mary Poppins like qualities, it is small enough to fit under the seat on the plane and still allows for plenty of room for my feet to stretch out. I like to keep all the things I’ll need during the flight in this bag, which may or may not include my computer if I’m planning on getting WiFi or not. If not, then I’d rather keep it overhead. Other things that I’ll keep in this bag include: wallet, phone, keys, headphones, kindle, a sweater or scarf, and my toiletries/makeup bag.

I just got the Bose QC30 in ear bluetooth headphones and can’t wait to see how they do on a flight. As I’m writing this, they are canceling out the noise of Brodie chewing on his bone, so I’ll give them a thumbs up already.

I also love to travel with my Kindle. Most of the time, trying to use my laptop on the plane results in me feeling like I’m invading my neighbors’ space with my elbows as I type. Thus, a Kindle is a perfect way to pass the time in the sky. I devour books, often like potato chips, so Kindle Unlimited is a lifesaver. I love that I can read as many books as I want, and don’t feel like I’m breaking the bank. Quite a few best sellers and popular books aren’t included, but that’s okay.

In my toiletries bag I always keep makeup wipes, face lotion and lip balm. I don’t really like flying with makeup on – the plane air turns my skin into a dry and flaky, yet greasy and shiny mess – so keeping my face clean and hydrated is a must, even on short flights. Before landing, I’ll wipe down my face, moisturize, and then go about putting on some makeup. This is especially important on early morning flights like the one I’m taking this week, where I’ll need to go straight from the plane to the office.

I love that this bag easily transitions from a carry on to a work/laptop bag. I never know what my seating situation will be as I arrive in new offices, so it’s good to have all the essentials for the day in one place.


The Away Carry On – 

What I keep in my carry on suitcase is pretty self explanatory – clothes and odds and ends I won’t need in flight. Since I’m bringing everything along with me, I also don’t feel nervous about keeping some of my valuables in my suitcase. I will likely put my jewelry, camera, and lenses in this bag, tucked snug in some sweaters, as the hard sides and built in lock of the suitcase will keep it protected. I also won’t need to use the camera in flight, either, so there’s no need for it in my other bag.

As far as clothes go, I am a big fan of rolling clothes and packing cubes. I’ll roll up outfits and place each in a packing cube to keep things organized. My favorite feature of the Away Carry On is the compression panel on the right hand side. Unlike my previous suitcases, the compression panel actually compresses your clothes. I can fit an entire week and a half’s worth of clothes in just the one side of the case thanks to that panel! Earlier today my colleagues balked at the news that I would not be checking a bag on an upcoming 5 day trip, but I know that it’s easily doable in this bag.

I’ll also keep my cords and chargers in this bag (with exception of my iPhone cord). Even though the Away carry on features its own battery for charing small electronics, I always pack an external battery for while I’m out and about on my trips… You never want to find yourself in a photo op but without phone battery to post on Instagram or Snapchat! Other cords I’ll need are my camera charger and of course, my laptop charger as this is a business trip.

This bag also includes some seriously heavy duty spinner wheels that can take bumpy walkways, but most importantly have withstood even a few collie nibbles. While it can pack quite a lot inside, it’s sadly still too small for Brodie to stow away in (though he tries)!



  1. Ashley Lovett
    February 22, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    Hi Alli,
    Great post! What size Catalina weekender and Away do you own?


  2. Sandy Stewart
    May 6, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    I really love your recommendations, keep them coming!

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