Treat Your Body, Treat Your Self – Blogmas 2014

As I walked home from work yesterday, something really struck me. I passed Whole Foods, a business that I’m already semi-obsessed with (ATX whaddup), and they had updated the signs on their windows. One read:
“Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.”
It stood out to me, because I think that I’d treat my body, my health, better if it wasn’t mine. I stopped a moment, just to take that in. Do I not love myself enough to treat *me* the way I’d treat my family, friends, and other loved ones? Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m pretty great in a lot of ways, but I feel like I put so many things before my own self.
We are taught as kids to put other’s needs before ours, to do all that we can to excel in school, work, relationships – you name it – even if it is at the expense of our own well being. There’s going to be more time to take care of yourself later, after all the other multitude of responsibilities are taken care of first.
I know the ad was meant to tell me to eat more kale, or pass on that Christmas cookie (or three, or four), but I liked the deeper meaning. I sometimes need a reminder that barre class after work *is* a good idea, or that not eating out all the time is more than just an exercise in frugality, and that scheduling time for my own well being is just as important as any meeting on my calendar.
It is always useful to get a gentle nudge back into the right frame of mind, especially during the hectic and indulgent holiday season. Because you do only live once, after all.

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