Throwback Thursday – The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood at SXSW 2013 – Cedar Street Showdown

#tbt might be my favorite thing on Instagram – well, aside from posting copious pictures of Zach and Erin (my family’s dogs) and ♥’ing and even greater amount of pictures of strangers’ dogs… 

My favorite band, The Neighbourhood, is coming to Austin tomorrow; and in honor of going to their concert, I thought I’d throw back to two of the six (yes six) other times I have seen them live. #tbt #obsessed #sorrynotsorry all apply.

Austin is an amazing place to live if you enjoy live shows and discovering new music. I went to Stubb’s with a few friends to see The Temper Trap in October of 2012, and had no idea how much I would love their opening band. I fell in love with “Sweater Weather” pretty much immediately, and started Googling who these guys were after the concert. Their whole black and white aesthetic is quite deliberate, and definitely added some mystery to a new band.

The next time I saw them was during SXSW 2013 at Cedar Street. To date, it was the BEST concert I have ever been to. To sum it up: St. Lucia, MS MR, Usher rocking out to MS MR not 50 feet from where I stood, The Neighbourhood, and Haim. FREEThis was a bit before each of these bands really blew up, so it was amazing to get to experience each performance in a small, relatively intimate setting. I went with a few friends, who then became hooked as well, which explains the subsequent four shows. 🙂

I can’t wait to see them perform again tomorrow, this time headlining their own show at Stubb’s. It is so cool to see bands come full circle like that. Aside from the show itself, I’m going with a group of some of my best friends and cannot wait to have some fun! 

Any recommendations for bands to watch out for, or awesome concert stories? Here are a couple of songs that I am excited to hear tomorrow:


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