The Sweet, Sweet Sound of Christmas – Blogmas 2014

I think I have fallen in love with Seth MacFarlane. His new album “Holiday for Swing!” is practically perfect in every way and I just love it. Seriously though, this Christmas album is everything I want in a newer take on old holiday favorites, all wrapped up into one package.

I love the sound, feel, and tradition of favorites like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Perry Como, Johnny Mathis. I love that their songs just are Christmas music as a whole genre. I love that my parents grew up listening to these artists at Christmas, just like I did, and my eventual children eventually will. The way their classic songs sound is the auditory equivalent of cozying up to a warm fire, with a nice glass of wine, as snow gently falls outside. Seth MacFarlane totally achieves this while also bringing some level of freshness, too.

Push aside any images of Family Guy or Ted, this is Christmas music done right. That is all. Go listen now.


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