Tallulah’s and Hello Robin – Perfect Seattle Brunch Pairing

Brunch is, by far, the best meal of the day. It is your friend in all weekend scenarios. For example:
– You decided to treat yourself to a bit too much to drink the night before. You wake up at 5am desperate for some water, and pass out again until 10, effectively missing time for your usual breakfast of a protein bar and a diet coke (I know… I know…). It’s too early for lunch, so put on some yoga pants have a cup of coffee and get yourself to brunch by 11. That hangover will not cure itself.
– You find the you are now a more responsible adult by default since getting an alarm clock that cost you over $1,000, and insists on waking you up promptly at 7 (I am of course talking about my puppy and all of his related expenses). Did I mention that there is no snooze button? You have stopped hitting the bars until the wee hours of the morning, in favor of waking up ready for the dog park. With all that money saved by not drinking, you really should treat yourself to a nice meal. Thankfully, your new alarm clock loves to nap, so day drinking and nursing a food baby is totally acceptable. Treat yo’self, dress up, and go to brunch.
I have recently found my favorite brunch pairing yet in Seattle – Tallulah’s and Hello Robin in Capitol Hill. You know you are in Seattle, as these two gems sit on the same block, separated only by a super cute local/artisanal/gourmet convenience store and a homeopathic remedies shop. I am craving a slice of avocado toast, a glass of green juice, and a bourbon cookie as I type this. I recommend anything pictured below – see captions – but I’m sure everything else is fabulous. The best part about this brunch, is that it is actually pretty inexpensive despite how luxurious the food is. I have been to this combo twice now, and have not broken $25 total (ordering a shared toast plate, eggs benny, green juice, and some cookies).

IMG_4226Avocado toast on Macrina multigrain bread


Eggs Benedict with Virginia Ham on Macrina Brioche toast


As you enter Hello Robin, you are greeted by both an overwhelmingly delicious aroma, and an overwhelming selection of the best cookies you could dream of.
Whipping up some Mackle’smores en masse.

Enhance! Just look at how delicious that mountain of dough is.



We ended up with a little box of a half dozen cookies: Brown Butter Bourbon, Mackle’smore, Totes Oats, Whole Grain Sea Salted Chocolate Chip, Molasses, and Pumpkin (ranked in order of deliciocity)




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