Summer Reading List 2017

I miss summer reading lists. I always treated them as some sort of challenge – read two books from this list, one from that…. forget that – I’ll read five or six from each! I loved receiving a definitive guide of books that were worth reading while in the car on the way to the beach, on the beach, in the breakfast nook of my grandparents’ house near the beach (when I was meant to be socializing, mind you), etc.

I acutely remember the pain I felt while being forced to refrain from reading the new Harry Potter installment on several occasions, and only wish that I could find a book that could make me feel that way – like I had to devour it whole… or else. I feel like all HP fanatics have been searching for that next book or series of books for years now, but none come close to comparing… but I digress.

Sadly, my life is pretty much devoid of beaches and beach vacations this summer, as well as reading lists prettily packaged with a bow on top now that I’m an “adult”. However, I recognize that my love of summer reading was the challenge, and the list that was written to be conquered. So… I am writing my own summer reading list this year, covering both fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Some are brand new books, others are ones that I read in school that are in need of a revisit.

What are your recommendations for a great summer read?






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