Smiths Beach, Australia

During my recent trip to Australia for work, I got to spend a day just bring a tourist. I signed up to go on a tour bus style trip down to the coast to pet koalas and kangaroos, and spy on some fairy penguins as they came in from the sea for the night. I didn’t know that I would be the actual youngest person on the trip, and I didn’t know that we would be stopping at such a beautiful beach.


Had I missed the bus, and gotten stuck on Smiths Beach, that would have been just fine by me. I stood with my feet in the warm sand, and started to imagine my new, Aussie beach bum life. I would get a tan again, maybe learn how to surf, and I’d have fab beach waves on a daily basis. It wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately, I did get back to the bus on time. But I did find my new “happy place” that I can visit whenever Seattle is feeling a bit too grey and cold. _MG_8568 _MG_8570 _MG_8572 _MG_8575



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