Per-fékt Lash Gel Mascara Review – Blogmas 2014

As I had mentioned in my “Going Crazy at Ulta” post earlier this week, living in Seattle has made me rethink a crucial step in my daily makeup routine – mascara.

Defining my lashes is a very important part of my cosmetic ritual; so much so that I will still wear mascara even if I’m having a “no makeup” day, and would certainly bring a tube with me to a desert island. However strong my love for this black goo is, my least favorite thing to happen to my face throughout the day is to look in the mirror to find that my mascara has flaked, smudged, or just mysteriously disappeared.

Walking to work every morning, I am often faced with a face full of mist and drizzle, which certainly doesn’t help things. In Austin, it was always so dry that any ol’ mascara would do and I never had to bother with anything waterproof unless I was out on the lake paddle-boarding. Within the first few weeks of moving here, I deemed it necessary to pick up a waterproof mascara because I’m not going to let a little moisture turn me into a raccoon by 9am each day. After a few weeks, I noticed a change in my lashes – they were crunchier, tanglier, and over all lacking luster as a result of coats on coats of harsh product. I needed help.

When I found myself happily perusing the aisles of my semi-local Ulta, I was approached by one of their employees and she told me that I absolutely had to check something out. All of a sudden, I’m standing in front of the Per-fékt counter clutching a tube of their “Lash Perfection Gel” ($28.50). It is billed as a primer/mascara hybrid that helps to darken, lengthen, strengthen, curl, and condition. I was immediately sold when I head the words “”oil free” and “hyaluronic acid” during this description. This is exactly what I was looking for, something that wouldn’t budge and would actually help to condition and moisturize my lashes!

Since the formulation is oil free, the mascara ends up being water resistant without necessarily being waterproof. Gone are the nights of scrubbing at my eyes with cleansing balm, only to still wake up to raccoon eyed mornings! No longer will it feel like I’m applying my mascara with a rusty lawn rake because there is still left over residue from the day before! What I’m trying to say is… this is easy to remove, but stays put when you want it. The hyaluronic acid helps to undo some of my existing damage, by holding its weight in water several times over. Add in some Vitamin A and E, as well as some tiny lash building fibers, and it’s like my waterproof woes never happened! 
I love this mascara so far – it is light, natural, and healthy, but builds and has enough staying power to really make an impact. If you have any suggestions for lash care or fab mascara recommendations, let me know in the comments or tweet me @allistewart :]


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