Out of the Woods

As I write this I am more than happy to be sitting on my couch, wearing all manner of sweats (pants and shirt), and bopping around on the internet. Few things are as nice and relaxing as a chilled out Friday night at home after a long, tiring work week. However, after a week in the city I often find myself in the woods on the weekends.

Going hiking in the woods, in the mountains, was not an activity that was readily available to me while living in Texas for the past ten years. Because of that, and because of the impending doom and gloom that is a Seattle winter, I really want to get outside as much as possible this fall. Over the past few weeks I’ve been on a couple of mini adventures just outside of Seattle. It’s really amazing how many beautiful places are within an hour’s drive from my apartment downtown.

Two weeks ago, I drove out to Snoqualmie Falls on a whim, and loved spending some time just sitting by the river. I found the most tranquil little beach near the base of the falls, and may have spent about 30 minutes there just taking pictures.

Last weekend, I went foraging for Chanterelle Mushrooms with some friends of mine at Poo Poo Point (you’ll be proud to know that we only laughed about the name a couple times). While we didn’t find anything to include in our dinner later on, the views on the hike itself were worth the trip.


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