Decking the Halls – Blogmas 2014

After spending a great week celebrating Thanksgiving with my Mom, I decided that I couldn’t wait three weeks until I went home to Dallas to enjoy some Christmas decorations. As soon as I realized that Christmas spirit waits for no one, I picked up a (fake) Christmas tree and got to work. 
I had a small box packed away with a few of my favorite family ornaments that I have sneaked away over the years. You’ll see that gold, glitter, and an assortment of animals are all common themes throughout the tree. For instance, I think that I have no less than half a dozen collies on the tree. I just haven’t been able to say no to a Lassie ornament for the past sixteen years! Another particular favorite is the alligator perched near the top of the tree. I have to say, I was even a sucker for a well placed pun as a kid. With just a few glittery branches and some sparkly, shiny ornaments added in the whole tree is filled to the gills. 
It’s really amazing how just a few small plastic or glass trinkets, along with the right music and pine scented candles can really make Christmas come alive – even if I am 2,100 miles away from home! I hope that you are having a merry Christmas season, no matter where you are! 

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