Back Home Baller – Blogmas 2014

I will not miss my third day of blogmas. I just won’t.

I had forgotten that my previously arranged plans to go over to a friend’s house for takeout and a movie miiiight interfere with an elaborate post today. I have lofty plans for some posts about lipstick, and wine, and how to conceal the fact that you may be drinking a lot of wine… but for now, I have drank a bit of wine this evening and all I want to write about is SNL’s video “Back Home Baller”.

pretend naps, are the best naps.

I saw this video last week, and just had to show it to my friend tonight at dinner. We both recently moved to Seattle and will both be going home to our parents’ houses for the holidays, so I knew that she would probably like this as much as I do. I was right. We watched it no less than eight times, and made her boyfriend watch it as well, but he wrote it off as “girl funny” and went to bed. Oh well, I know it was hilarious anyways.

I have memories of going home over breaks during college and thinking that I was living life as a queen – I didn’t have to share a room with a stranger, the shower was all my own, and I had two people who understood and appreciated me no matter what. Also, there were dogs in the equation, so that was always a treat as well. Even though I have moved on from school, have lived in my own whole apartment by myself and can pretty much get whatever I want, I still feel like a princess whenever I come home.

There really is something about coming back to a place so familiar and comfortable after spending quite some time somewhere where everything is new, foreign, and exciting. While I am constantly thrilled by the possibility of experiencing something novel, it is just as exciting to know that, for a time at least, I know exactly where I belong. I know to expect the sounds of collie feet on wood floors, my dad getting Starbucks in the morning, my mom decorating the house, and the routine of our Christmas traditions.

The video is a hilarious parody of my back home experience, but some things really do ring true. Hello ridiculously long wifi passwords, old white strips and other cosmetics, and a fridge that look like a tiny Costco Warehouse. And of course…. bowls, bowls, all types of bowls 😛


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